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Our Turkish Exprience

Our experience of Turkey as a country was almost always seen from an aircraft window or the terrace of an international airport, a fabled country occasionally visited by the braver among friends or family.

More often than not, hearing from those that have ventured into Turkey, they had spent some time in Istanbul or occasionally a few nights in one of the more popular touristic cities on the coast.

It is not often that we hear of South Africans that have explored further or that established some roots in Turkey.  Those of us bold enough to make exploratory inquiries into Turkish business opportunities or property investment often find the information confusing and wrapped in warnings of unstable politics, strained economy, or dealing with unethical property agents and developers.

The above was true of our own experience before 2016.  For many years we travelled to Europe, the USA and many other destinations on Turkish Airlines, yet a few nights in Istanbul was the furthest we ventured into what Turkey had to offer.

Little did we realize that a whole new adventure was about to begin.

In 2017, a conversation with a Turkish businessman from the coastal city of Antalya at the airport in Istanbul sparked an earnest interest.

Within a month we purchased two properties, obtained Turkish residency and started our first steps to gaining Turkish citizenship.

We were elated with the combination of history, excellent infrastructure, incredible cuisine and engaging people there.  Our properties were still under construction and we were even able to negotiate interest-free finance with the property developer.

Six months later we enjoyed furnishing our properties and also acquired a motor vehicle. We were pleasantly surprised by the way that everything just works.  From internet connection, municipal connection, or the licensing of our motor car; everything simply just works.

Since then, we have assisted many South Africans to develop viable new homes in Turkey where issues such as safety, affordability, quality of life and good weather are synonymous with the incredible lifestyle options that the Turkish coastal city of Antalya certainly offers.

Why is gaining the Turkish Passport so popular?

For many, the answer is access to an E2 Visa in the USA. You can circumvent the multi-year waiting list and the exorbitant cost of an EB-5 programme.

The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows Turkish citizens to live and work in the USA by making a business investment (approximately US$100 000).

Being a holder of a Turkish passport, an application can be made for the E-2 Investor Visa with all the benefits of an American Green Card.

Turkish Property Residency and Citizenship programmes are ground-breaking by providing viable second-country citizenship, passports for the whole dependent family at a very affordable investment. In addition access to the USA.  Why not also explore our Turkey Global Connect programme for combining a Turkish Passport with EU Residency in Hungary as well as an E-2 Investor Visa for residency in the USA.

turkey residency programme

The choice of residency in a specific country is always dependent on two primary factors; budget and desire. Turkey Property Residency is one of the most affordable Second-Country Residency programmes in the world. Qualifying property for Turkish Residency in the city of Antalya ranges from as little as $75 000.

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turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish citizenship offers one of the easiest and most affordable paths to the USA. Turkish citizens are eligible for the USA E-2 Investor Visa.  The easiest option is the purchase of qualified property for a minimum of only $250 000.

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turkish global connect

Investors with serious international aspirations can now truly become world citizens and global travellers with their Turkish passports, EU ID cards and access to the USA. An investment of $350 000 for the Turkish Global Connect programme secure all of the above.

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The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process

The most popular option for Turkish Citizenship is to purchase real estate valued at $250 000 or above. Owners can rent the property to generate income and allowed to sell it after three years to realize their investment without forfeiture of their newly gained Turkish Citizenship.

Investors may also choose to register a new business in Turkey, guaranteeing 50 local employment opportunities for Turkish nationals during the first three years. This application process requires approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

In addition, cash investments or investment in government bonds at an amount of $500,000 in a Turkish business with Ministry approval or a deposit of the same value in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

Our competent team delivers a comprehensive service, assist to identify suitable properties, completes the documents, collate a citizenship application and manage the process with full assistance until receipt of the second passport.

Applicants have the right to add their spouse and dependent children (under the age of 18).

Some prerequisites, such as opening a bank account in Turkey and completing legal documentation are necessary, all of which we expertly assist with. Some travel to Turkey during the process would also be required.

Initial applicants and their family members receive temporary residence permits until the final issue of their Turkish passports.

Once a final passport is issued, applicants and their families all enjoy all the privileges of being formal Turkish citizens. Turkey allows dual citizenship and it is not required for applicants to reside in Turkey should they not wish to do so.


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